Perfection is no small thing,
but it is made up of small things.

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We help customers maintain excellence in their production processes

Globalisation and technology advancement make it possible to turn designers’ ideas into reality in no time and market them globally in a limitless number of ways. The challenge is to keep the quality of manufacture high and make the delivery quick as these two factors have a direct impact on the first impressions of consumers.

1About the product

Interoperational quality control – a solution for demanding clients

The QxControl system has been designed with large-scale production companies in mind. It’s a complete process management tool. Statistical process control (SPC) is based on sampling. It makes it possible to follow each stage of product manufacture and to react to any shortcomings or defects. Thanks to the application of automated digital measurement systems, computer-based statistical analysis makes it possible to precisely determine any deviations from the adopted standard. This innovative control system brings economic and image-related benefits. By improving quality, it significantly reduces the costs of production and increases the company’s ability to compete successfully in its industry. QXControl is unique in that it’s a flexible solution, one easily adjusted to the needs and business profile of a specific client.

We support specialists in decision-making on every level:

Level 1


  • Ongoing quality control and analysis of the activity and performance of hardware and operators through cyclical automated measurements carried out in key process points
  • Digital monitoring of measurement quality, automated interpretation and preliminary adjustment of measurement errors
  • Notifications of the need to suspend the process combined with an early warning system based on control charts
  • Monitoring of deviation from the benchmark, identification of potential defects and shortcomings in a ready product or at the finish of individual phases of production processes
a user-friendly mobile app for operators of machines and devices
Level 2


  • Multidimensional reports on the state of the process – available in the app, personalised statistical models and access to data of the SPC process capability indices
  • Generation of reports on the particular phases of the process, visually appealing presentation of the results of analyses
app for process engineers to be displayed on any screen
Level 3


  • Analyses of trends and correlations as well as of the cause-and-effect relationships between data
  • Remote access to data and documents granted to authorised persons – anytime and anywhere
advanced business analytics and a data warehouse

2Collaboration models

Making use of many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and having listened to the entrepreneurs we know, we’ve created the following collaboration models.

Model 1


  • Licence settled on the basis of a licence agreement.
  • Implementation settled after signing partial acceptance certificates.
  • Post-implementation support under a service agreement.

Model 2


  • Licence provided on the basis of a licence agreement
  • Implementation, maintenance, and licence support settled on the basis of a fixed monthly fee.
  • Costs of hardware supply and development works covered by the client

Model 3


  • Hardware and licence supplies settled separately.
  • Costs of implementation and maintenance settled on an hourly basis.
  • The amount of hours worked is approved by the client.

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding our solutions and to provide you with a custom, tailored proposal.

Our ambition was to create a set of tools that would provide entrepreneurs with a clear and understandable form of support.

3About the company

We’ve been supporting entrepreneurs in the area of interoperational quality control since 2019. QXControl helps a growing number of satisfied clients maintain the production quality at the highest possible level. We share our knowledge in the field of engineering and technology, inspired by the ideas of humanism. Following Michelangelo’s motto, we strive for perfection. This approach drives us in building lasting business relationships and implementing innovative solutions.

Our ambition was to create a set of tools that would provide entrepreneurs with a clear and understandable form of support. QXControl software facilitates planning, forecasting, and controlling each element of the production process. We prevent errors and mistakes from occurring and resources and capital from being wasted. As a result, we make it possible to find a shorter way to satisfying outcomes.